Visit The Drum Circle Treasure Island FL

Visit The Drum Circle Treasure Island FL

Treasure Island, FL holds a drum circle every Sunday evening and all are welcome. If you are looking for something completely different to do, that is really worth writing about on your postcards home and fun for the whole family, then take a stroll along the beach following the sounds of tribal drum beats.

Drum Circle Treasure Island

We took our camera along to the drum circle just before sunset and joined the eclectic group swaying, jumping and dancing to the beats. It is an amazing experience and something fun to do on a Sunday night near St. Pete Beach.

If you own a drum, tambourine, or any musical instrument then bring it with you – believe me you do not have to be a musician to join in.

We look forward to going to the drum circle and time our arrival for just before sunset; it just warms our hearts and is the perfect end to a weekend. We love the gathering of people, no club to join, no dues, just people enjoying the sights and sounds of the magical drum circle.

On any given Sunday you will find a large crowd consisting of families, teenagers, grandparents and all in between coming together with one goal – to enjoy the sounds of the drum circle. People sit on beach chairs, blankets or the sand in a large circle; others are dancing in the middle.

Those that have instruments join in the tribal beats, sometimes the beats are gentle other times they are loud and fast, and always the group in the middle are dancing.

Children try to dance like the belly dancers, teenagers are laughing together in huddles and the retirees are dancing and even pounding drums – it is a true mix of mostly locals and a few tourists that were lured out of their hotels rooms by the beat.

Once the sun sets – an experience in itself, the glow sticks, lighted hula hoops, and anything that glows adds to the mystery of the darkening night.

A visit to the drum circle even if you do not play the bongo or like to dance is still an experience not to be missed.  If you enjoy peaceful gatherings and like to feel alive then you simply must visit the Treasure Island Drum Circle next Sunday evening.

For information and directions go to The Drum Cirlce Treasure Island Florida


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