St Pete Beach 4th of July Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks on St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach puts on an amazing firework display every July 4th and thousands of people come to watch. There is something really special about watching fireworks on a beach. Sometimes the launch area changes so visit 2016 4th of July Information.
Fireworks St Pete Beach

Where To Watch St Pete Beach 4th of July Fireworks

Some people like to come early to the beach and make a whole day event, enjoying the warm ocean, the local beach restaurants and bars. The bars and restaurants usually have specials and bands playing. The day may start off relaxing on the beach but as early evening approaches so do the crowds and the fun begins.

Some people bring their own fireworks and set them off, plus the hotels often have their own. Fireworks are going off for hours before and after the City fireworks.

I love being on the beach for July of 4th and is by far one of the best places to watch the city fireworks and there is always a great atmosphere that is enjoyed by all ages. There will be very large crowds but that makes it extra special to hear all the ooohhh’s and ahhhh’s coming from the whole 5 mile stretch of beach.

Of course fireworks can be seen from most places in the city with a clear view of the sky. Usually Treasure Island – the next city has their fireworks on the same day and these can also be seen from the beach.

Where ever you are for the 4th of July Fireworks please enjoy and be safe.

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