st pete beach 4th of july fireworks

St Pete Beach 4th July Fireworks 2016

2016 4th of July Fireworks on St. Pete Beach

2016 Independence Day St. Pete Beach.

Find out where and at what time St Pete Beach 4th July Fireworks 2016 celebrations will be held.

Happy Independence Day! I love watching the 4th of July fireworks on the beach and where better to celebrate than on beautiful St. Pete Beach.

If you are planning to be on St. Pete Beach for the 4th of July fireworks it is always good to know where the fireworks are being launched from because that part of the beach will be blocked off. That includes all walk ways onto that section of the beach.

St Pete Beach 4th July Fireworks 2016

Where will the 2016 St. Pete Beach Fireworks be launched?

This year 2016, they are going to be launched on the beach – yes that may seem obvious but in previous years they have also launched them from a barge in the ocean.

Which Beach Will Be Closed?

They will be launching the fireworks from Upham Beach. A large area of Upham beach will be used as the launching area. Upham is located at the North end of St. Pete Beach. The furthest north end of Upham will be used to launch the fireworks.

The three main walkways onto Upham beach including the Paradise Grille will be closed at 6pm. If you will be entering the beach at Upham make sure you are there well before 6pm to guarantee you get onto the beach.

The metered parking will not be effected so you can park there early and walk along the beach before it closes.

Other than the crowds, you will not have any problems with the beach entrances along St. Pete Beach.

Can I Bring My Own Drinks To The Beach?

No – alcohol is not allowed on St. Pete Beach at any time. There are many beach bars that you can visit that often have specials and entertainment. These bars are right on the edge of the beach with beach access.

St Pete Beach 4th July Fireworks 2016

What Time Do They Start?

Ok, first the fireworks this year will be launched on the 4th of July. Madeira Beach will be hosting theirs on July 3rd this year.

People bring their own fireworks to the beach and set them off long before the city fireworks start and after. You will also be able to see Treasure Island fireworks from the beach.

The city of St. Pete Beach 4th of July 2016 fireworks are due to launch at approximately 9pm. (When it gets dark)

Please note that this event brings large crowds so please be careful and respectful of others.

More information available – St. Pete Beach 4th of July Fireworks