Rain Did Not Stop 4th of July Fireworks

2013 4th of July Fireworks On The Beach!

Thank You Everyone Who Came Despite The Rain

Fireworks St Pete BeachSt. Pete Beach had a crazy week of heavy storms that caused many to wonder if we would have our usual fireworks on the beach this year.

If you were here on vacation the week leading up to 4th of July then you know what I am talking about – day after day of thunderstorms. Heavy rain for most of the afternoons and lots of indoor activities.

For the locals it was a nice reprieve from the intense summer heat and we actually had some waves to play in.

I felt bad for the tourists who planned their trip to our wonderful beach to coincide with the firework displays and 4th of July celebrations. I am sure many were wondering if they should have stayed home, but those wet tourists that stuck it out were treated to an amazing display.

I know the businesses here on the beach are very grateful that despite the on and off heavy rain right up until the fireworks went off at 9pm, visitors packed the hotels, filled the parking lots, drank in our beach bars, swam in the sea, shopped and had fun all day.

Thank you for enjoying our beach!